Sarah Paulson Calls Girlfriend Holland Taylor “A Genius” Via Twitter

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor recently went public with their relationship, although they claim there was never anything private about it. On Sunday night, the couple was spotted at the Broadway opening of School of Rock, holding hands and looking very much in love.

Also on Sunday, Sarah Paulson lauded Holland Taylor’s acting prowess with a shout out to her latest show, Ripcord.


It was during a recent radio interview that Holland Taylor gushed about Sarah Paulson.

“It’s the most wonderful, extraordinary thing that could have ever possibly happened in my life,” she said of the joy this new romance brings.

Actually that romance isn’t all that new. Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have been an item for about six months now.

Holland Taylor is best known for her role on Two and a Half Men. Sarah Paulson stars on American Horror Story.

Tender Tweets aren’t really a new thing for Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson. In fact, they’ve been sharing their sweetness for one another that way for a while now.


What’s your take on this May-December romance? Holland Taylor is 72 and Sarah Paulson is 40.


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