Lark Voorhies Lupus Claims Are Just Latest In A Long Line Of Fake Instagram Posts

Lark Voorhies does not, in fact, have Lupus.

Recently, Lark Voorhies has appeared to make several heavy-hitting Instagram posts in which she claimed several crazy things ranging from a battle with Lupus to her ex-husband’s bad-smelling, um, man bits.

Lark Voorhies now claims that she doesn’t even have an Instagram account, but knows of several fake ones that have been making wild posts.

A rep for Lark Voorhies said of the Lupus claims, “Lark has never been diagnosed with Lupus. It’s upsetting her that people are coming out about it. She doesn’t want to be perceived as someone faking an illness.”

The post takes the form of a Dear (insert whatever or whomever) letter, and begins, “Dear Lupus, You came uninvited like the thief you are. You invaded my body and my life silently and you have no mercy. You have stolen my life’s work, my health, my vision of myself.”

It continues, “You tear at my relationships with relentless teeth rending and damaging wherever and whenever you can.”


Lark Voorhies supposed posts go on to describe herself as a warrior, fighter and unwilling to be defined by the disease, etc, etc.

Other presumed fake posts decry her relationship with her ex, Jimmy Green, whom she was married to for only a matter of months.


To whom this may concern. I am single! Jimmy couldn’t fork up a dime for our divorce. There’s an active restraining order that he continues to violate. No sex tape even physically exists. Do you really think he could afford a camera? I gave him money multiple times and put minutes on his Obama phone. You better take a U-Turn on that bus. Everyone in Pasadena knows you’re a joke. Gang Member? You lost your job at Taco Bell. Your penis is NOTHING to brag about! Is it normal for a penis to smell like corn chips? I chose to not be in the spotlight. I am an amazing author (3 Books on Amazon) and I am currently working on a short film that I wrote & directed and putting the final touches on my highly anticipated album! I’m too busy to interact with you bugaboos. Take care and god bless! LV

A photo posted by Lark Voorhies (@thelarkvoorhies) on Nov 29, 2015 at 7:18pm PST


Does it seem like Lark Voorhies could be that harsh? I mean, that last bit about his manhood…that’s vicious.

What do you think about all the recent fake profiles and posts that claim to be Lark Voorhies?


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