Emma Watson Nowling: Grandmother Of Slain Seven-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out About Murderer

Emma Watson Nowling was having a normal Thursday night in Taylor, Michigan when her life was taken by a trusted family friend in the parking lot of a sports complex.

At only seven years old, Emma Watson Nowling was at a soccer practice attended by about 40 other children and their families.

During practice, Emma Watson Nowling took a break to hug a familiar family friend, 57-year-old Timothy Nelson Obeshaw.

Later that night, Obeshaw shot and killed Emma and her mother, Sharon, in their car to the shock of the other parents and the entire community.

Emma Watson Nowling died later at the hospital, but her mother remains in the hospital in serious condition.

Obeshaw then took his own life with the same gun.

Obeshaw lived with Emma Watson Nowling, her mother and her mother’s boyfriend in a makeshift apartment behind their house for a while.

Friends and family of the victims described Obeshaw as mentally unstable and investigators found evidence at his home that he thought someone was controlling his mind.

Emma’s soccer coach, Mario Scicluna, said that Obeshaw had attended her practices before and nothing was out of the ordinary. He described the incident, saying, “As he was walking by the sidelines, (Emma) went up and gave him a big hug and went back to her training.”

He said he didn’t know anything was wrong until he noticed “the panicked looked on some of the parents running the other way,” and the flashing lights of police cars.

He added, “A lot of the families are in shock and were traumatized by what happened.”

Such a sad story. What do you think prompted this guy to shoot seven-year-old Emma Watson Nowling and her mother?


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