California Shooters: TV Crews Pay Landlord For Entry Into Home of Syed Farook And Tashfeen Malik

California shooters Syed Farook and his wife lived in a Redlands apartment with their six-month-old baby girl.

On Friday, the lives of the California shooters became much more open when a member of the media paid the landlord $1000 for access to the apartment and triggered a flood of TV cameras and crew.

The fact that it may or may not still be a crime scene didn’t seem to bother journalists and camera operators hungry for the first bits of exclusive information as to the motive behind Wednesday’s mass shooting at an office party.

The California shooters were killed in a shootout with police on Wednesday. Evidence suggests that the two of them have much greater plans left unfinished.

They left three rigged-together pipe bombs with a remote-control detonating device at the social service center where the office party was being held. It apparently malfunctioned, luckily, and they also had more than 1,600 rounds of ammunition with them when they were killed.


When their home was investigated, authorities found 12 pipe bombs, some tools for making more bombs and over 3,000 additional rounds of ammunition.

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik told Farook’s mother that they had an appointment with a doctor so they could get her to babysit their six-month-old daughter.

The California shooters then proceeded to storm Farook’s office party, full of his co-workers, and kill 14 people. They injured many more.

What do you think of the media pouring into the apartment of California shooters Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik in a frantic race for pieces of exclusive information? Especially since, as of the time of this writing, it isn’t certain whether or not the apartment was still a crime scene.

Does this seem wrong to you?


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