Audrey Loggia, Wife Of Robert Loggia, Confirms He Died On Friday At 85

Audrey Loggia has confirmed that Robert Loggia died on Friday at the age of 85.

According to Audrey Loggia, he had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for five years.

Audrey Loggia said in a statement, “He loved what he did. He loved being an actor.”

Robert Loggia loved being an actor so much that he built an astounding career over half a century.

He is best known for playing tough mobster types. For example, his roles in 1983’s Scarface, and 1985’s Prizzi’s Honor are some of the most memorable of his career.

But, he switched gears easily to become a lovable company exec, starring with Tom Hanks in Big.

Who can forget this iconic scene?

Robert Loggia could play just about anything. In 1990, he said of himself, “I’m a character actor in that I play many different roles, and I’m virtually unrecognizable from one role to another. So, I never wear out my welcome.”


Loggia was born Salvatore Loggia to Sicilian immigrant parents on Staten Island on Jan. 3, 1930. He grew up in the Little Italy section of Manhattan and went on to pursue journalism before he considered acting as a career.

He studied journalism for a little while at the University of Missouri. Then he joined the Actors Studio in New York and never looked back.

He is survived by his wife, film producer Audrey Loggia (formerly Audrey O’Brien) and his three children from a previous marriage: Tracy, John and Kristina. He also had six grandchildren.

What is your favorite Robert Loggia movie?


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