Anna Faris Makes A Skirtless Entrance On ‘The Ellen Show’

Anna Faris may be playing the role of wife and mother nowadays, but on the Wednesday episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she reminded everyone that she still wears the comedian hat pretty darn well.

After being introduced by DeGeneres, Faris came out wearing a simple black long-sleeved top, black-and-white printed skirt, and matching heels. As she does the customary “dancing entrance” and waves to the audience, her skirt seems to have caught on to something and leaves her disrobed from the waist down.

Anna Faris Pranks Ellen By Going “Skirtless” On Her Show

Seemingly unaware of the mishap, Anna Faris continues to strut her stuff wearing a pair of “granny panties,” which also revealed her slender, toned legs and thighs. She then proceeds to hug DeGeneres, who was caught off guard and looked visibly stunned by the sudden turn of events.

The clip ended with Anna Faris finally realizing that her skirt had vanished after commenting on how cold the studio is.

Anna Faris herself confirmed that the wardrobe malfunction was indeed a prank after posting this message on Twitter: “Looking insane! Per usual! I had a great time on @TheEllenShow-thank you Ellen so much!”


The Scary Movie actress returned to the couch – fully-clothed this time – in a gray turtleneck shift dress and talked about her new podcast called Anna Faris Unqualified, in which she and her friends provide “not-so-great relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types.”

She goes on to give a sample of her “unqualified” advice to an audience member who wanted to feel more confident about having phone sex to spice up her long-distance relationship.

Anna Faris Dispenses “Unqualified” Relationship Advice On  ‘The Ellen Show’

Probably drawing from her own experience being married to actor Chris Pratt who frequently travels to different filming locations, Anna Faris encourages the audience member to “keep practicing” and that “men really don’t care” about being too creative about the details.

Anna Faris seems to be doing well for herself in her own relationship with Chris Pratt, with whom she has been married for six years. They live with their three-year-old son Jack in Hollywood Hills, California.


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