Olivia Culpo Dumps Tim Tebow Over Sex, Or Lack Thereof

Not long after dating rumors about beauty queen Olivia Culpo and former NFL player Tim Tebow surfaced and started circulating, sources are now claiming that they have already called it quits.

News of their split first appeared in the New York Daily News, which claimed that the former Miss Universe dumped Tebow because she reportedly could not handle his chastity vow.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThe former Broncos quarterback has been vocal and quite proud of his preference to hold off on having sexual relations until after marriage, a lifestyle choice that is considered unconventional among men in today’s society.

According to an insider who spoke to E!, Olivia Culpo and Tim Tebow have indeed broken up but “they are still friends.” Another source revealed that Tebow “was really into her” and that he pursued her through old-school love letters, “cute notes,” and sweet declarations of love. There’s also been reports that Tebow’s decision to abstain from sex had “nothing to do” with their breakup. However, TMZ Sports is now claiming that Olivia Culpo could not have broken up with Tim Tebow because they were never together in the first place.


Yet another source – but this time from Tebow’s camp – shut down the breakup rumors by stating that his relationship with Culpo was just speculation and never materialized. TMZ further revealed that they had only gone out as part of a group of mutual friends and nothing more than that.

Olivia Culpo recently split with pop singer Nick Jonas in July after more than two years of dating. A few months after being newly-single, Tim Tebow expressed his admiration for the  23-year-old model/actress from Rhode Island, even going as far as calling her his “ideal woman.”


Both camps have yet to comment on the issue.

Whether or not Tim Tebow really got dumped by Olivia Culpo for being abstinent, it should be noted that he isn’t the only famous person to have a similar belief. Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson also revealed that he and his girlfriend are waiting until marriage to have sex. Actress Meagan Good and Tamera Mowry-Housely followed the abstained until their respective wedding days as well.


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