Morena Baccarin, Ben McKenzie Show Off Baby-to-Be at Gotham Independent Film Awards, Following Child and Spousal Support Order

Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie were showing off her pronounced baby bump and clearly wearing the glow of impending parenthood at the Gotham Independent Film Awards on Monday. The two are expecting their first baby together.


It was less than a couple of weeks ago, however, that Morena Baccarin received an order from the court to pay both spousal support and child support to estranged husband Austin Chick. She will have to pay more than $20,000 in spousal support, as well as $2,693 per month in child support until their son Julius–who is now two–turns 18, according to a report from People magazine.


The Gotham costars wowed the crowd at the awards show. Morena Baccarin wore a white dress that accentuated that burgeoning belly–she is in her second trimester–and Ben McKenzie wore a black pinstripe suit.

Baccarin and McKenzie began working together on Gotham in 2014. They announced this past September that they were dating, and just days later shared their baby news, too.


This will be the first child for Ben McKenzie– a former O.C. star. He and Morena Baccarin plan to marry, but she obviously will need to finalize her divorce with Austin Chick before that can take place.


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