Joey and Rory Feek Share Poignant Last Dance as Cancer Ravages Her Body

Joey and Rory Feek, best known as the country/bluegrass duo Joey + Rory, enjoyed one poignant last dance in recent days while she was still able to get out of bed.


Since then, Joey Feek has become bedridden. Battling stage 4 cervical cancer, her will to fight is strong, even as her body is growing increasingly weaker by the day.

Rory Feek has blogged throughout his and Joey’s cancer journey. This Life I Live likely serves as an outlet for Rory as he watches his beloved Joey Feek slowly lose a battle she is still determined to win.

A few days ago Rory shared his thoughts about that very special dance–likely the last for Joey and Rory together.

“A few days ago, on the last day Joey walked, I took her in my arms in the living room and once more put her hand in mine and we danced,” he wrote. “She steadied with her cane and I softly moved her across the room singing George Strait’s “You Look So Good In Love” in her ear. In the middle of the song though, as I was being careful not to step on her toes–she stopped and looked up at me and said, ‘How about if I lead?’”


Wanting to lead is typical of Joey Feek’s entire cancer battle. Though she has had moments of weakness in the past couple of weeks–like when she cried because she so desperately wants to raise their daughter, Indiana–she has also had moments of unimaginable strength, too.

Joey and Rory Feek recently announced plans to release their final album on Valentine’s Day. A compilation of old hymns Joey has long loved, it’s been a labor of love to finish up recording.


While everyone is praying Joey makes it to the release of this upcoming Joey + Rory album, common sense says she might not. Strong believers in the power of Jesus Christ, Joey and Rory pray daily–even several times per day–for a miracle.


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