Jill Scott Honored at Soul Train Awards With First Ever “Lady of Soul” Awards

Jill Scott received a huge honor at the Soul Train Awards on Sunday. She was presented with the first ever Lady of Soul Award. She spoke of her desire to make music people can relate to in her acceptance speech.


“The goal was to be in your house when you make that new baby,” Jill Scott said. “To be there to squash that argument, to incite it if necessary. I didn’t want to be sexy for anybody, I swear I didn’t. But I did want to write some sexy stuff for you.”

In the past 15 years, Jill Scott has released five albums. 2015 saw the release of “Woman.”

She performed the title track to that album a few months back on The View.

Jill Scott has received 13 Grammy nominations throughout her career. She has taken home three Grammy Awards.

“The Lady of Soul honor means a lot,” Jill Scott said prior to taking the stage to accept her award. “It’s the culmination of 15 years of giving my heart and energy to an audience that appreciates it. It’s a real privilege to still be able to tap into people’s hearts and have ourselves look at ourselves. And for it to come from such a great legacy… This is Soul Train; this is what brought soul music into America’s houses.”


Alas the Lady of Soul Award wasn’t the only honor Jill Scott walked away with on Sunday. She was also awarded the Best R&B/Female Artist Award.

After receiving her Lady of Soul Award, Scott treated the audience to a sampling of her hits, including current single “Back Together,” “A Long Walk,” “Whatever,” and “Cross My Mind.”


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