Is Google Trying To Turn Image Search Into Pinterest?

Google announced the you can now star and bookmark images on Google image search from your mobile browser. You can also keep them organized by folders.

From the sound of it, you can basically start using Google Image Search like you do Pinterest.

Google software engineer Diego Accame explains:

Let’s say you’re searching for “bob hairstyles” on Google and an image catches your eye. Simply select it and tap the star. Next time you’re at the stylist, you can easily access the picture without having to dig around or do another search.

Once you’ve starred a few images, you can keep them organized in folders: to add an image to a folder of similar items, tap the pencil shaped edit icon. Create a grouping such as “haircuts for the winter” or “snowman ideas” and your image will be added to a folder with similar ones.





Google of course doesn’t make any Pinterest comparisons on its own, but the company appears to be well aware that Pinterest is encroaching on its turf. In addition to this offering, Google recently launched the Pinterest-like Collections feature for Google+, which with a new redesign is now one of its main features.

Meanwhile, Pinterest has been positioning itself as a search engine both to advertisers and consumers. While many think of Pinterest as a social network (and it is to some extent), it really wants to be viewed as a place for finding things, which puts it directly into competition with Google.

The biggest threat to Google’s dominance in search has always been more vertical-oriented services collectively, and Pinterest represents one part of that (as does Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, etc.). In other words, any searching happening somewhere besides Google.

The new Image Search feature might seem like a minor feature addition, but we’re talking about a very heavily used product, and if it can steal even a little bit of Pinterest usage, then it’s going to be more people to show Google ads to.

The feature is available in the U.S. on mobile on all major browsers on Android and iOS.

Images via Google


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