eBay Gives Sellers A Reminder For Boosting Visibility

Earlier this year in the Spring Seller Update, eBay announced that it will require product identifiers on multi-variation listings and more categories. As it noted at the time, this would lead to increased search visibility.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, the company is taking the time to remind seller to use the identifiers. In an announcement on Tuesday, the company told sellers:

Be sure to include product identifiers such as brand, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) to boost your listings’ visibility on eBay and external search engines. And don’t forget, providing this information saves you time—because item specifics are filled in automatically once you enter those product identifiers.

As promised, we’re also reminding you that product identifiers will be required for multi-variation listings and in a number of additional categories starting next year, as announced in our Spring Seller Update. We’ll provide you with more details about this requirement in January, as well as the information you’ll need to take action in your listings.



You can review a FAQ page on the topic here.

Image via eBay


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