Chrome on Android Aims To Save You More Data

Google is going to remove most of a webpage’s images when you load it in the Chrome browser on Android on a slow connection. This way, you won’t use up all of the data on your plan just trying to load something that’s taking forever.

The feature is an extension of the Data Saver feature that Chrome has had for some time.



In a brief post on the Chrome blog, product manager Tal Oppenheimer says:

Accessing mobile websites on a slow connection can be frustrating: it can eat up your data, and it takes work to keep track of your usage. With that in mind, we created Data Saver mode in Chrome, which reduces the amount of data used when you visit a webpage.

Now, we’re updating this mode to save even more data – up to 70 percent! – by removing most images when loading a page on a slow connection. After the page has loaded, you can tap to show all images or just the individual ones you want, making the web faster and cheaper to access on slow connections.

The expanded Data Saver mode will first be available to Chrome users in India and Indonesia. It will be expanded to additional countries in the coming months.

Images via Google


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