Thanksgiving and Black Friday Numbers For Online Shopping

According to Custora, Thanksgiving saw a 12.5% increase in ecommerce reenue with a 10.8% increase in ecommerce orders. There was a 1.5% increase in average order value compared to last year, which the company considers an indication of a “less promotional, discount-driven holiday season.”

Mobile shopping was 39.3% of online shopping, up from about a third (34.3%) on Thanksgiving 2014, it says, adding that 78.3% of mobile shopping on Thanksgiving was done on iPhones and iPads with Android accounting for 21.5% of mobile online orders placed.

Monetate found mobile phone shopping traffic to be up 118% (up 86% on Android, 50% on iOS) but found add-to-cart rate on mobile to be down 23%. It also found that Add-to-cart rate was up nearly 1% driven by Twitter (up 56%), desktop (up 22%) and tablet (up 17%) and that online shopping traffic from Facebook was up 92%.

For Black Friday, Monetate found that online spending was up 13% year over year.

“Browsing activity was high, but consumers averaged bigger online purchases on Thanksgiving than on Black Friday,” a spokesperson tells WebProNews. “While Black Friday conversion rates were down 10%, average order value was up 2% YoY. Average order value was up YoY on mobile phone (12%) and Facebook (10%), but down on Twitter (33%).”

“Screen size mattered,” the spokesperson says. “Consumers used mobile phones to browse but spent the most on desktop and tablet. Desktop users spent the most on average ($169) followed by tablet ($163), Facebook ($138) mobile phone ($130). iOS users spent more on average ($156) than Android users ($132). The week high for average order value was $173 on Thanksgiving compared to $164 on Black Friday.”

DemandWare shared some findings around the first five holiday shopping days of the year. According to that company Black Friday orders were 6.1 times higher than a non-peak period (4 weeks ago), which is a 40% increase over last year. Black Friday baskets created on phones more than doubled year-over-year, according to DemandWare, which also says that on Thanksgiving, phone traffic share began increasing from 5pm until midnight.

A lot of companies are offering up early Cyber Monday data, but we’ll wait and get the whole picture once the day is over.


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