Lindsay Lohan: Actress’ Stepmother Arrested For Threatening JetBlue Flight Attendants

Authorities confirmed on Saturday that a flight from Florida to California diverted to Louis Armstrong International Airport to remove an unruly passenger, who happens to be the stepmother of actress and presidential hopeful Lindsay Lohan.

Kate Major-Lohan, was removed from JetBlue flight 101 on Wednesday after causing a commotion on the plane, Col. John Fortunato, spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, revealed.

// flight 101 was travelling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles, California, according to the Associated Press, but it was diverted to New Orleans. Lohan was arrested and charged with felony interference with flight crew members and attendants. In an affidavit signed by FBI agent Crystal Bender, Kate was already drunk when she boarded the JetBlue plane.  Lindsay’s stepmom suddenly “became disruptive” when a flight crew asked her to raise her seat back as the aircraft taxied for takeoff, reports said. According to several passengers, Kate was making threats to the flight attendant, which made people assume what she was drunk or high on drugs.


She was then transferred to the front row so the crew could monitor her behavior through a closed-circuit video; however, Kate was out of control. She reportedly got furious after an attendant refused to give her a glass of wine. According to witnesses, Lindsay Lohan’s stepmom threw her phone at the flight attendant and made threats to stab her.

When they reached New Orleans, Kate Major-Lohan was immediately removed from the aircraft. The plane arrived in Los Angeles 1 hour and 15 minutes late.

Lindsay Lohan’s stepmom was released after she posted bond for $25,000. Part of the settlement was an agreement to complete rehab at Sovereign Health Treatment in San Clemente, California. She also surrendered her passport and was prohibited from travelling outside the U.S. She must also avoid alcohol and drugs and must undergo drug tests and psychiatric treatments.

Lindsay Lohan Is Arrested In 2012 For Allegedly Punching A Woman In The Face

Like her stepmother, Lindsay Lohan has had run-ins with authorities for substance and alcohol abuse as well. From 2007 to 2012, Lindsay Lohan has been arrested on charges of DUI, driving on a suspended license, possession of cocaine, and physical assault.


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