Katie Holmes Lives Life of No Regrets

Katie Holmes was a member of the Church of Scientology when she was married to Tom Cruise. And then there was that marriage to the guy who jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch and made an absolute ass out of himself.

These days, however, Katie Holmes says she has no regrets, and that she’s learned something out of just about every situation she’s ever experienced.


During a recent interview for Miami’s Ocean Drive, Holmes talks about her life, including her divorce from Tom Cruise and being the mom of nine-year-old Suri Cruise.

“I don’t regret anything that I’ve done,” the 36-year-old actress says. “I’ve learned from everything, and everything sort of leads you to the next place. I just keep going.”

“I have a very normal life, and I happen to work in an industry that is abnormal. Daily life, I take a train and cab; it’s just about getting from here to there, and I don’t care how I do it. I have to get there,” she adds.

“I don’t shy away from risks,” Katie Holmes says. “I’m just interested in a lot of different things. I don’t even think of it as a risk; I think of it as something exciting and new.”

Not shying away from risks has led Katie Holmes on a path that is about to bridge the gap between actor and director. She is set to both star in and direct an adaptation of author Annie Weatherwax’s novel, All We Had.

“As I’ve grown up, I think that the harder you work the more successful you are,” she says. “From what I have seen, the people at the top, they’re just constantly working and constantly surrounding themselves with other successful, like-minded creative people.”

Hard work is a trait Katie Holmes hopes to instill in daughter Suri.


“[Motherhood] changes you completely in such amazing ways, and I think that you become who you were meant to be,” she adds. “Being a parent also is a source of inspiration to just work really hard. You want to set an example–and, you know, [your kids] are what drives you.”

Katie Holmes has singlehandedly raised Suri for the past two-plus years. It has been that long since Tom Cruise has seen his daughter.

Cruise will one day regret that move, as Katie Holmes continues on in a life with no regrets.


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