Erykah Badu Says Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Perform Rap Music

Erykah Badu took some shots at Iggy Azalea during the Soul Train Awards on Sunday. She came right out and said that what Iggy performs isn’t rap.

“As you know, I am the queen of neo soul and people say I have this common effect on rappers: that I make them change gods and wear crochet hats, shoulder pads,” Erykah Badu said during her Soul Train Awards opening monologue. “So they have banned me from all of the hip-hop awards with a sign saying ‘Erykah Badu, leave our rappers alone.’”


It’s worth mentioning, for those who missed the Soul Train Awards, that Erykah Badu arrived on stage at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. via hoverboard

Badu continued on, pretending to receive phone calls. She pretended to be on the phone when she turned both Young Thug and Andre 3000 away.

Erykah Badu then pretended it was Iggy Azalea on the line, so she said, “Iggy Azalea?,” she said. “Oh, you can definitely come because what you’re doing is definitely not rap.”

So far Iggy Azalea hasn’t commented on Erykah Badu’s diss.


Since Azalea isn’t one to cower in a corner, it’s almost certain she’ll have something to say.

What’s your take on Erykah Badu’s comment about Iggy Azalea not performing rap music?

What would you call the music Iggy Azalea is famous for performing and recording?


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