UFC Champ Holly Holm Has Embarrassing Encounter With Beyonce

She may have landed her foot on Ronda Rousey’s head, but recently, UFC champ Holly Holm just landed her foot in her own mouth.

Things have changed drastically for the newly-crowned UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship after her stunning victory over formerly undefeated champion Ronda Rousey at UFC 193.

Holly Holm And Her Newfound Fame

As the underdog in the fight, she defied any pressure that came with going against the heavily-favored Rousey, and thoroughly impressed both the live audience and TV viewers with her superior boxing skills and composure in the Octagon.

Holly Holm completely outclassed Rousey during the entire fight, which ended in a knockout via head kick and repeated punches to the face.

Suffice to say, Holly Holm immediately became everyone’s hero – not just for beating the trash-talking Rousey, but also because she exhibited such graciousness after her win.

“I just said, ‘You know I really admire you for being such a great, dominant champion,’” Holly Holm revealed in an interview with talk show legend Larry King on Thursday.

Holly Holm Talks To Larry King About Fighting Ronda Rousey

Her meteoric rise to fame has now taken her to various social functions, in which she gets to hobnob with celebrities who approach her and sing her praises.

One of her fans happens to be power music couple Jay Z and Beyoncé whom Holly Holm met during an Alvarez-Cotto boxing match after her win.

Upon meeting them at the after-party’s VIP area, Jay Z introduced his Grammy-Award winning wife to Holly Holm. Embarrassment ensues.


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