Sabrina Carpenter Will Give You Goosebumps, Cover’s Adele’s ‘Hello’

With an instant mega-hit like Adele’s “Hello,” a flurry of covers sprouting all over the Interwebs is to be expected. However, standing out from the crowd is a whole different feat altogether.

One such cover that has recently been getting a lot of praise and attention belongs to young actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter, who plays sassy tween Maya Hart in the Disney Channel TV series, Girl Meets World.

In a YouTube video that was uploaded Thursday last week, Sabrina Carpenter can be seen walking into a music studio, wearing her headphones, and expertly belting out the hit song effortlessly and with a great deal of emotion that hardly anyone would expect from a 16-year-old.

Sabrina Carpenter Delivers An Impressive Cover Of “Hello”

Adele’s style and dramatic flair were evident all throughout the video – the black-and-white filter, oversized fur coat, and expressive facial expressions of Sabrina Carpenter all captured the high degree of emotion that Adele’s music videos are known for.

Aside from doing song covers and starring in a hit Disney show, Sabrina Carpenter has also been actively recording her own original material. Her debut album, Eyes Wide Open, was released early this year to positive reviews.

‘Eyes Wide Open’ Is a Single Off Of Sabrina Carpenter’s Debut Album Of The Same Name

Sabrina Carpenter cites Adele one of her main musical influences, which comes as no surprise considering her affinity for putting her own spin on the British hit maker’s songs. Her cover of the song, “Set Fire To The Rain,” which was uploaded on YouTube in 2011, garnered more than 5 million views.

A Younger Sabrina Carpenter Covers Her Idol Adele

Joining Sabrina Carpenter in the list of favorite “Hello” covers around the world is South Korea’s Lydia Lee whose soulful rendition has fetched close to 14 million views in less than a month. Even well –known musicians like R&B singer Joe and pop star Demi Lovato have also put out their own covers as well.


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