Prince Charles Talks Climate Change, “Cataclysm Of Events”

Prince Charles had a huge weekend, relatively speaking of course.

Late last week, the Queen repeatedly seemed to indicate that Prince Charles was the clear successor to the throne.

Prince Charles shouldn’t be taking over right away, but with the Queen turning 90 and Prince Philip at 95, it’s likely that thought is turning to the future.

During a three-day summit in Malta, the Queen addressed the 53 nations of the Commonwealth and made several indications that she expects the crown to be Prince Charles’.

The Queen lauded Prince Charles’ “boundless energy and commitment” to the Commonwealth.


She also said, “Nor could I wish to have been better supported and represented in the Commonwealth than by the Prince of Wales who continues to give so much to it with great distinction.”

Prince Charles also experienced two firsts: sharing the stage with the Queen at the opening ceremony and being invited behind closed doors to address an executive session of the summit.


It seems Prince Charles’ reign could have a lot to do with the environment and climate change. During a video message for a global gathering in Edinburgh, he made his feelings about climate change clear.

Prince Charles exhorted the delegates present to “run the global bank that we call our planet in a responsible and competent manner” and to “act now before it is too late.”

He also said, “We are facing what can only be described as a cataclysm of events which pose a real threat to our survival.”

What do you think of the Queens sudden interest in clarifying her wishes for the crown to pass to Prince Charles?


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