Kathleen Fogle Officially Divorced From Ex-Husband Jared, Claims Sole Custody Of Children

After a controversial and humiliating turn of events over the past several months, Kathleen Fogle finally got her divorce papers finalized by the court on Monday, November 16.

The divorce settlement, which came just days before Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years and 8 months in prison, indicated that his marriage with Kathleen has been “irretrievably broken and dissolved.”

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsKathleen Fogle reportedly filed for divorce from Jared on August 19th, a few hours after he pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography and traveling to engage in sexual acts with minors. According to her attorney James Reed, Kathleen Fogle was “shocked and disturbed” to learn about her ex-husband’s illicit activities and she has since been “working tirelessly” to maintain their children’s sense of safety and security. Entertainment publication Us Weekly got ahold of documents revealing that Kathleen Fogle has adopted her maiden name of McLaughlin and has moved her two sons – 4-year-old Brady and 2-year-old Quinn – to a different state in an effort to keep them away from their father and the media.


Jared Fogle has reportedly not seen their children since August, although he communicates with them regularly on the phone.

Now that the divorce proceedings are over, Kathleen Fogle is said to be focusing on gaining sole custody of the two young boys. Apart from Jared’s admission to being a pedophile, she also cites his minimal parenting participation “even prior to becoming the focus of a criminal investigation” due to frequent trips he had to take as grounds for granting her the right to keep the children with her.

7 Million of Jared’s Subway Dollars Will Go To Kathleen Fogle

Kathleen Fogle is also set to receive $7 million as part of the divorce settlement. In late October, Jared Fogle also had to pay $100,000 as restitution to his underage victims. He gained fame as the official spokesman of fast food chain Subway in 2000 after claiming that their sandwiches helped him lose almost 250 pounds.


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