Halle Berry: Might Ben Affleck Be Her Next Romance Disaster?

Halle Berry doesn’t have much luck at love, and the general consensus is she is very difficult to live with. A rumor is running rampant about newly single Ben Affleck, who split from wife Jennifer Garner this summer. Some believe he might be Halle Berry’s next romance disaster.

A source tells OK! magazine Ben Affleck has had “the hots for Halle Berry” for 15 years.

“Ben has had an epic crush on Halle ever since he saw that sex scene in Swordfish,” back in 2001, the source says.


Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez announced their split in October. Since Halle and Ben apparently don’t run in the same Hollywood circles, he’ll need to be a bit creative to make his move without looking incredibly obvious. It seems he already has a plan.

“He’s now trying to find a role for her in one of his next movies by way of getting to know her, but his friends just wish he’d take her out on a date and get her out of his system, rather than spend four months wooing her on a movie set,” the source explains.


Do you suppose there is more to this than speculation? Do you think Ben Affleck and Halle Berry would be a good fit?

It doesn’t seem likely. Halle Berry seems to go for more unusual men, and while Ben Affleck is handsome and talented, he’s more of a family guy who cheats on his wife with the nanny instead.


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