Twitter Adds Native Video Support for Twitter Kit

Twitter launched Fabric, its mobile platform for app developers, last year. It’s comprised of three modular kits that address stability, distribution, revenue, and identity.

One of those, which addresses distribution, is Twitter Kit. At launch it included native tweet embeds, a tweet composer, and Sign In with Twitter.

Twitter just announced that Twitter Kit also now supports native video.

“Starting today, your users will be able to watch full-screen Twitter videos and GIFs without having to open up a webview or leave your app,” says Twitter Kit software engineer Steven Hepting. “Video support is now live on iOS, and will be coming shortly for Android as well.”



“We’re committed to helping you tell the best stories with videos, and we look forward to building new ways to showcase rich Twitter content in your Twitter Kit apps,” he says.

Developers won’t have to do any extra work to take advantage of native video support. Apps running the latest version of Twitter Kit on iOS8+ will automatically support it.

Images via Wikimedia Commons, Twitter


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