Kate Hudson Celebrates Mom Goldie Hawn on 70th Birthday

Kate Hudson celebrated her beautiful mom, actress Goldie Hawn, on her 70th birthday. Posting to her Instagram account, Kate Hudson shared a poem and a video in honor of the birthday girl.

On this day in the clouds I’m sure//


A man had a plan for the twenty first//


He took a sweet soul and said its time my dear//


You must go back down to share your cheer//


Your beauty will please// Your laughter will spread//


You may even meet a man and be thirty years unwed//


To many you will be their rising muse//


And light will bath you in golden hues//


So, with excitement she went back down to the earth// To meet her old friends, Laura Hawn to rebirth// She had no clue on that day what would be//


And day by day it seemed God made her special in some way//


She never seemed to follow in line//


Always a bit on the outside, goofy by design//



A video posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on Nov 21, 2015 at 10:26am PST


Just a short time after Kate Hudson posted her birthday wishes for Goldie Hawn, brother Oliver Hudson posted a photo of all the siblings together.

“Off grid with my bro’s and parents for a week! We’ll see ya on the other side


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