Google Shares Thanksgiving Search Trends

As Thanksgiving approaches, Google is sharing some searches that have been trending throughout the United States leading up to the holiday.

As of Wednesday, the top Thanksgiving questions were as follows:



“Gratitude may be in the name, but food is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving,” says Google’s Emily Wood. “For weeks now people have been searching for recipes to wow their relatives this Thursday, from classics like cranberry relish and mashed potatoes to turkey alternatives like lasagna and beef stew.”

Can’t say I saw Lasagna coming.



“Even amongst regional variations, family eccentricities or that ambitious new recipe you clipped from a food magazine, there’s one dish that takes the casserole on Thanksgiving Day,” adds Wood. “Stuffing is the top searched Thanksgiving recipe in 49 out of 50 states, with only North Carolina standing up proud for sweet potatoes. Our take: Why not have both?”



The top Thanksgiving recipe question on Google is “How to cook a turkey?” The most searched for methods have been roasting, followed by smoking and frying.

Images via Google


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