Meghan Trainor Shares Butt-Grab Pic, Says She’s Single

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth are making headlines today after their sexy makeout session–which took place onstage, in front of millions–at the AMAs on Sunday night, but Trainor took to Instagram afterward to confirm she’s still single.

The duo performed their hit song “Marvin Gaye” while surrounded by kissing couples, and after the song finished, Puth jumped up from his piano and leaned in to give Meghan a long, romantic kiss after she beckoned him over. According to Entertainment Tonight, the smooch lasted 15 seconds and took the crowd by surprise. Puth even grabbed Meghan’s butt during the makeout session, and she later posted a photo of the moment on Instagram with a caption meant to calm their fans.


All about dat ass grab doe @charlieputh proud of you Charlie #imsingle

A photo posted by Meghan Trainor (@meghan_trainor) on Nov 22, 2015 at 9:25pm PST


Meghan says she’s still single despite the chemistry between the two of them, and said in a recent interview that it’s tough being a pop star who’s looking for love.

“Even without the fame, if I walk into a room — I kind of have that personality where I just take over the room. I’m like, ‘Hey! M-Train’s here! What’s up!’ Which is very intimidating for guys alone, and then on top of that being a pop star — I get it. I don’t think they’re less interested, I think they’re just intimidated,” Meghan Trainor said. “It’s fine, I’ll wait for him. I’m looking for someone who’s a gentleman, someone who opens that door. A dude pulled out a chair for me the other day and I was like, ‘Whoa! OK, nice!’ That’s new for me. I liked it. And if they’re funny, that’s awesome.”

Puth said during a red carpet interview before the show that he had some nerves, but was looking forward to actually getting up on stage in order to rock out.

“I’m keeping calm right now, but when I get on stage, I’m knocking over that piano bench and going, ‘Ahh! Let it go,’” he said.


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