2 Million People Have Pinned Black Friday & Cyber Monday Content On Pinterest

Well, it’s just about that time. The biggest shopping days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – are less than a week away (not to mention Small Business Saturday).

Pinterest is sharing some statistics about how its users prepare for these events. Two million people have already saved pins about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it says, adding that there’s been a 140% increase in pins about these days in the past year. 70% of holiday pins are related to fashion, home decor, quotes, and other products.

“Pinners will shop more on Black Friday than the average online user,” Pinterest’s Liz Xiao says in a blog post. “Not only will Pinners shop more on Black Friday, they’ll also spend more than non-Pinners: 4x more on toys and games, 3x more on housewares and 3x more on clothing and accessories. That’s all from a November 2015 Civic Science survey.”

“Pinners will shop across more types of stores, including small businesses,” she adds “People on Pinterest are twice as certain they’ll shop for the holidays compared to non-Pinners, and because of that, they’re confident they’ll be shopping at more stores. While Pinners will likely spend holiday dollars at Walmart and Target, according to the Civic Science survey, they’re 50% more likely to spend the most money at specialty stores and other local businesses.”

32% of Pinterest users plan to shop for themselves only on Black Friday, Xiao says, citing data from a Competitive Futures report. Pinners, she says, are twice as likely to go on a clothing shopping spree compared to the general public.

According to Pinterest, holiday pinning starts up to four months in advance of Christmas. Here’s a related infograpnic the company released a while back:



Here are the most pinned products of the year according to Pinterest:

1. A new wave water bottle


2. A solar charger for your smartphone


3. Lace-up boots to hit the pavement 


4. Glow in the dark leggings take athleisure to a new level


5. Asymmetrical coats


6. Artful gemstones 


7. A smarter way to pack your bag


8. Stylish swaddle blankets


9. Graphic tees and tops 


10. Tapestries to transform your bedroom


Images via Pinterest


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