Organic Page Like Growth And Engagement Slow On Facebook

Facebook page organic like growth is slowing according to a new report from Locowise.

According to the findings, organic page like growth was 0.2% in October. That’s down from 0.24% in September. For pages with over a million likes, growth was just 0.04%.

Meanwhile, the average post reached just 7.25% of page likes, which is 8.34% less than the 7.91% reach in September. Those with over a million likes reached just 4.25% of page likes on average.

October saw the lowest reach in six months, according to Locowise, which also highlights an “engagement problem” on Facebook:

The engagement rate is at 5.87% of all people reached. This is a 4.55% decline compared to the 6.15% engagement we saw in September. Again here the largest pages had a lower engagement rate by engaging 5.6% of people reached.

October engagement rate is the lowest engagement rate we’ve seen since we started doing these studies. It’s a 11.2% decline since the month of May, which had the best engagement rate.

If you want to generate more viral reach with your Facebook posts, you’ll want to strive for shares over likes and comments, based on new research from Socialbakers, which we look at here.

Image via Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)


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