‘Jessica Jones’ Creator Dishes On Why Krysten Ritter Was the Perfect Choice For the Role

Netflix’ original series Jessica Jones took some time making its way to the small screen and one of the factors in its delay was finding the right actress to play the former superhero turned private investigator.

However, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg told The Hollywood Reporter that they found their Marvel comics character in Krysten Ritter.


After exploring several high-profile names while casting Jessica, Rosenberg said Ritter’s ability to capture the dark, sarcastic bite to the character convinced them that she was the perfect choice.

“Krysten Ritter, if you’ve seen her comedic work before, she’s exactly that,” said Rosenberg. “That’s why she was always very high on our list and of course when she came in very early in the process set the bar incredibly high and no one else came close. Particularly on that one count of delivering incredibly dry.”

Rosenberg said Krysten Ritter‘s comedic background served her well during casting.

“That was always going to be the toughest thing. As they say, death is easy, comedy is hard,” she noted.

As reported by The New York Post, the 13-episode drama is the second of Netflix’s five planned Marvel TV series, and also serves as a prequel of sorts to 2016’s Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter of The Good Wife.


“Jessica first spies Luke through her long-range zoom lens and after a chance meeting, sparks fly — a connection that intensifies once the two realize they both have special abilities,” notes The New York Post.

The entire first season of Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter premieres Friday on Netflix.


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