Hootsuite Gets Microsoft Enterprise Integrations

Hootsuite announced a new major integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer, which will all integrated with the Hootsuite Platform.

A spokesperson for Hootsuite tells WebProNews, “The collaboration with Microsoft will enable enterprise organizations to utilize social content in more meaningful ways across the organization, including social marketing, social selling, and social customer support.”

“At Microsoft, we’re committed to providing the best-in-class platforms and productivity services. We know that when businesses have access to products like Hootsuite and Microsoft, they can do amazing things. This in turn has the potential to empower change, and create a wave of innovation and growth,” said Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada.

With the Dynamics CRM integration, enterprises will be able to identify and create leads, opportunities, or cases and input them into Dynamics CRM Online from the Hootsuite Dashboard. They’ll also be able to add social data to the customer record within Dynamics CRM.

The SharePoint integration will enable them to utilize social media content across teams to improve collaboration. Employees will be able to publish content found on their social networks into the public and team SharePoint sites. Users will also be able to bring content from SharePoint sites into the Hootsuite Dashboard.

Yammer integration will enable employees to collaborate in real time while engaging with customers on social media.

Image via Hootsuite


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