Google Web Designer Gets Simplified Workflows For Dynamic Creative

Google announced that it has added simplified workflows to Google Web Designer that are designed to make it easier to build dynamic ad creative in HTML5.

DoubleClick advertisers can utilize the tool to choose which data signals and feed attributes to connect to each dynamic element pulling from the profile they’ve set up in DoubleClick Studio.

“As the holiday season gets underway, you’re likely focused on reaching holiday shoppers as they browse for gifts for their family and friends,” says Google’s Becky Chappel. “Dynamic creative strategies are key to getting the most relevant messages and products in front of these shoppers. But with consumers’ increased usage of mobile devices, you need to build your dynamic creative in HTML5, and this confluence of technologies can lead to complexity.”



Google says online retail marketplace Kaymu saw a 580% increase in clickthrough rate compared to their previous non-HTML5, non dynamic campaign when they used the new dynamic workflow.

“CyberAgent, a media agency based in Japan, also used Google Web Designer for a recent dynamic remarketing campaign,” says Chappell. “To provide the time needed to focus on the creative strategy, the team first automated the bidding and targeting for the campaign. They then could build and test several dynamic templates, using advanced animations and multiple dynamic elements. Ultimately, these advanced creatives led to a 40% higher CTR and a 28% lower CPC compared to the previous dynamic remarketing campaign that didn’t use Google Web Designer.”

Google Web Designer is also getting animation improvements, updates to text authoring capabilities, and two new components to the component gallery. These are a Spritesheet component and a Streetview component.

Image via YouTube


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