Google Taps VMWare Co-Founder Diane Greene To Lead New Cloud Team, Acquires Her Bebop Platform

Google announced that it has hired VMware co-founder Diane Greene to lead a new team combining all of Google’s cloud businesses including Google for Work, the Google Cloud Platform, and Google Apps.

The company has also agreed to acquire, bebop, a new development platform/company that Greene also founded.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a blog post, “Since the launch of our first product for businesses, the Google Search Appliance, in 2002, we’ve been building more and more products that help make businesses more productive. From Gmail to Docs to Chromebooks and Google Cloud Platform, we are now helping millions of businesses transform and support their businesses with our Cloud products. In fact, more than 60% of the Fortune 500 are actively using a paid Google for Work product. And all of Google’s own businesses run on our cloud infrastructure. Including our own services, Google has significantly larger data center capacity than any other public cloud provider – part of what makes it possible for customers to receive the best price and performance for compute and storage services.”

“All of this demonstrates great momentum, but it’s really just the beginning,” he added. “In fact, only a tiny fraction of the world’s data is currently in the cloud – most businesses and applications aren’t cloud-based yet. This is an important and fast-growing area for Google and we’re investing for the future.”

Greene has been on Google’s Board of Directors for three years, and will remain a member. According to Pichai, she has a “huge amount of operational experience that will continue to help the company.”

The bebop platform is designed to make it easy to build and maintain enterprise applications, and Google sees it as a way to help businesses find applications and take better advantage of cloud computing. It will be put to use across Android, Chromebooks, infrastructure and services in Cloud Platform, developer frameworks for mobile and enterprise users, Gmail, and Google Docs.

Image via YouTube


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