Facebook Has A New ‘Work Chat’ App For Businesses

Facebook has a new app for business chat called Work Chat, which is part of its Facebook at Work program.

You have to have a Facebook at Work account to use the app, and right now, those are only available to select companies.

If you do have one, however, you can use the app to send messages to co-workers or create group chats with multiple co-workers.

The app makes use of Facebook’s chat heads, so you can keep up with conversations as you use other apps. The app also provides a directory of other employees from which you can easily start new conversations.

The ability to turn off notifications is included.







One of the biggest criticisms of Facebook at Work when it first launched was a lack of features like this, so this is certainly a step in the right direction. It likely still has a long way to go to catch up to services like Slack when it comes to team communication, but Facebook turning Messenger into a platform should help a great deal with that as well.

While Facebook’s app is Android only for right now, TechCrunch reports that the iOS version is on the way.

Images via Google Play


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