Elisabeth Hasselbeck Calls Obama ‘Aloof’ And ‘Pathetic,’ Suggests Turning Away Syrian Refugees

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is making the rounds online once again for her strong opinions on politics and the Obama administration.

White House Press Secretary John Earnest appeared via video call on the early-morning talk show Fox & Friends amid global responses to the recent attacks in Paris that claimed 129 lives.

While addressing questions about newly-formed alliances by Russia and the retaliation strategy of the U.S. against ISIS, Elisabeth Hasselbeck interjects and asks Earnest about President Obama’s “aloof, apathetic, and quite cavalier” response to terrorist-related attacks.


“Josh, let me ask you this,” Hasselbeck began. “Following this initial attack in Paris where 129 people were brutally killed, the president of the United States referred to this as something that was a ‘setback.’”

She goes on to elaborate that Senator John Kerry called the Charlie Hebdo attacks “understandable” when compared to the recent Paris attacks.

“Do you understand how at this point how the verbiage needs to change a bit?” she challenged, adding that the Obama administration’s responses should “reflect some sort of solidarity and intentional aggression against ISIS.”

Earnest urged Hasselbeck “and the American people” to look back on the president’s past statements, in which he described the attacks as “sickening” and “expressed his profound sorrow” regarding the unfortunate events.

Press Sec. Josh Earnest and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Argue On ‘Fox & Friends’

He also strongly suggested that Elisabeth Hasselbeck spend more time focusing on the president’s actions rather than his words, after which the former Survivor contestant cut him off to declare that “his words matter.”

“Josh, I will stop you there. The president of the United States’ words matter. I will focus on my president’s words, Josh,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck shot back.

“Let me finish my answer,” Earnest quickly replied, overlapping dialogue with Hasselbeck at that point.

“If you have me on your show to talk about a serious issue, give me an opportunity to answer the question.”

Later on in the show, Republican Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst also appeared telephonically on the show to discuss the administration’s policies for Syrian refugees trying to enter U.S. borders.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Claims Refugee Refusal Can Be Done “Good-Heartedly”

Ernst stated that she is suggesting an “indefinite pause” and a “thorough vetting process” for Syrian refugees coming in to the country.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck put in her two cents by saying that refusing Syrian refugees is not an act of “bigotry” if the intention is prioritizing the safety of the American people.


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