Chris Hemsworth No Longer “Sexiest Man Alive,” Jessica Chastain Teases Him Over Demotion

Chris Hemsworth is no longer the “Sexiest Man Alive,” having given up the title on to this year’s winner, David Beckham. Pal Jessica Chastain just can’t let it go, however, and is having fun teasing Chris Hemsworth over his recent demotion.

Using Twitter as her weapon of choice, Jessica Chastain Tweeted out the new People magazine photo of David Beckham to Chris Hemsworth.


Chris Hemsworth proved he’s a really good sport, taking Jessica Chastain’s teasing in stride.


Chastain didn’t throw in the towel, however, striking back at her good friend with one last zinger.


Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain became good friends while working together on Snow White and the Huntsman. They clearly get one another’s senses of humor.


Don’t you love how Jessica Chastain simply wouldn’t let up on Chris Hemsworth? What good is a friendship if you can’t have lots of fun teasing each other?


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