Anna Faris and the Road from Narcissists to Chris Pratt

Anna Faris dated a lot of narcissists before marrying Chris Pratt. During the first airing of her podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, the Mom star talked about the road she traveled.

The actress said she had to date a lot of “incredibly handsome men that treated me like s–t” before she finally learned the essential thing that led her to marrying Chris Pratt.


Proffering some words of dating wisdom to a young woman who called into her podcast, Anna Faris said, “Relationships in your 20s are kind of the worst. My whole 20s were about relationship learning, and I had so many bad relationships, but I feel like I at least learned what made me feel good and what didn’t make me feel good…”

Despite those handsome narcissists, Anna Faris learned a thing or two about kindness. She realized she wanted kindness in a man, because those narcissists were void of the important quality.

“But I did learn, at least, from some of those relationships what kindness was,” she said, “and how I wanted a guy who was actually—who was nice and kind. It sounds simple, but that’s what I hope for you.”

These days Anna Faris is married, as everyone knows, to Chris Pratt. The two are parents to one very sweet little boy. Without all those narcissists in her past, she never would have realized what she was missing. She’s found it now in her husband.


Fans can check out Anna Faris’s podcast on iTunes. They can also catch her on Mom on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.


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