Tina Fey Isn’t Afraid Of Trolls: “The Internet Is Not A Force You Have To Obey”

Tina Fey isn’t afraid to speak her opinion on things, and she isn’t afraid when others do, either. The SNL alum said in a recent interview that she doesn’t put too much stock into what people say on the Web, especially when they get up in arms about something they don’t have the full story on.

Fey, who is behind the Netflix hit Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, says that when several people called her out for writing a “gay stereotype” character for the show, she wanted to point out that Titus is based on a person she actually knows.

“I don’t worry about what the Internet says. Getting in trouble with the Internet is not real. The Internet is not a force you have to obey. If a person exists, it’s fair game. Titus makes Barbie clothes, for example, and that’s based on an old gay friend of mine who worked as a cater-waiter when he first moved to New York. He was too broke to go out, so he’d literally sit inside and sew Barbie clothes to kill time. I try to base everything in some kind of truth,” Fey said.

Tina’s fans were ecstatic earlier this week when it was announced that she and best friend Amy Poehler will both co-host Saturday Night Live on December 19. The duo have known each other since the early ’90s, when they met at Second City, and have worked together on various projects ever since. Millions tuned in when they hosted the Golden Globes together, so it’s likely that SNL will see record viewers that night.

Tina Fey says that one of the keys to her friendship with Amy is a very simple thing.

“From the moment we met each other in Chicago in 1992, we’ve had tremendous respect for each other,” Tina Fey said. “We started on the same improv team, and we were put together like two beautiful baby lions in a cage who miraculously did not have the impulse to eat each other. What makes it great now is that the only time we see each other is when we work on things—hosting the Golden Globes, doing Sisters—so those experiences are exciting and fun. We’re both thrilled to be there, and hopefully that’s reflected in the work.”


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