Jamie Foxx Ecstatic Daughter is Named Miss Golden Globe

Jamie Foxx is experiencing one of those proud moments that only a Hollywood dad can understand. His daughter, Corinne, was named Miss Golden Globe on Tuesday. She joins a list of sons and daughters of Hollywood’s elite who have enjoyed the honor in past years.

Traditionally the daughter of a Hollywood star, Michael J. Fox’s son Sam was named Mr. Golden Globe one year, breaking with that tradition. Rumer Willis, Laura Dern, and Francesca Eastwood are some of the previous Miss Golden Globes. The duty of Miss Golden Globe is to hand out the statuettes during the awards show.


Jamie Foxx will surely be in the audience on January 10th when the Golden Globes are presented. His attention will likely be less focused on the nominees and winners, and more on his daughter instead.

“Man, I’m over the moon, man!” he told Entertainment Tonight shortly after learning the exciting news. “People don’t understand, my daughter’s always been cool… ain’t never ask me for nothing.”

“I feel proud about [the honor], and whatever she does I always support but I’m, absolutely just blown away,” Foxx added, quickly choking up. “I cry easy but this, uh, this is a moment, man.”

Jamie Foxx says he will do anything at all to make the evening of the Golden Globes perfect for Corinne.

“[I’ll do] anything I got to do, man. I’ll be the valet, be the chauffeur, whatever I got to do,” he said. “That’s my baby girl, man!”

In 2005, Jamie Foxx won a Golden Globe for his performance in Ray.


Will you tune in to the Golden Globes on January 10th at 8 p.m. ET on NBC?

You’ll no doubt catch a glimpse of a very proud Jamie Foxx in the audience when you do.


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