Facebook Makes Breakups More Bearable

There are some aspects of social media that many of us take for granted or just don’t think about because we don’t have to deal with them.

For example, I’m a happily married man, and would have no use for Facebook’s latest announcement, but for many, it’s probably a godsend.

Facebook announced that it is testing new tools to help people manage how they interact with former partners after a breakup. Now, when a user changes their relationship status, they’ll be prompted with said tools.



The user will be able to see less of the person’s name and profile without having to unfriend or block them, and their posts won’t show up in News Feed. Their name won’t be suggested when you write a new message or tag friends in posts. This is optional.



You’ll also have the option to limit photos, videos, and status updates that a former partner will see. You can also edit who can see your past posts with a former partner and untag yourself from posts with that person.



Facebook is testing the new tools in the U.S. on mobile. It will make changes and roll them out according to feedback.

The new features seem to be in line with Facebook’s recent empathy buttons announcement in that that it all caters to people feeling more comfortable with how they use Facebook in general.

Images via Facebook


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