Check Out Bing’s New iPhone App

Microsoft unveiled a new Bing app for iPhone, which it says will let users find and do things faster. According to the company, it goes so far as to “re-think search”.

Take a look:



“Mobile search is different from search on a PC. With mobile, we want instant answers and the ability to take immediate action,” says Richard Qian, CVP Bing UX Engineering. “We want to book it, buy it, watch it now. We want to touch more and type less. We want to search once in a single app. The new Bing app for iPhone helps you search and take action from one place so you can focus on the things that you want to find and do, rather than where and how to accomplish them. Here are a few examples.”

Microsoft is touting the app’s use of app deep linking to help people find movies to watch and songs to listen to. Searching a movie might bring you app results from Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and/or Vudu, for example. For a song, you might be presented with Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and/or Amazon results.



“Ready for a night out? The Bing app helps you find the perfect restaurant,” says Qian. “Narrow down choices based on the things that are most important to you with our touch-optimized interface. Get reviews, menus, directions, make a reservation and get a ride right there from the apps you trust. And the night doesn’t need to stop there. We’ll help you find movies in nearby cinemas, and of course, you can book tickets right from the app.”

Google is also doing more with apps on mobile search. The company announced today that it is utilizing its app indexing in a new way to actually display content from apps right in search results.

Images via Microsoft


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