Morena Baccarin Boasts Visible Baby Bump On NYC Date Night With Ben McKenzie Amidst Custody Turmoil

Morena Baccarin got all dressed up for a date night with boyfriend Ben McKenzie on Wednesday, but despite her efforts on just perfect dress, makeup, and hair, all eyes were on her baby bump. It’s growing rapidly, making Morena Baccarin a positively adorable pregnant woman.

It was at the Sierra Club’s Act in Paris that Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie enjoyed their date night. His arm was lovingly draped around her, as she sported a black and white sparkling dress that hugged her belly.


The former Homeland star is expecting her first child with Ben McKenzie. She already has a two-year-old son with estranged husband Austin Chick. Morena Baccarin and Chick are presently engaged in a bicoastal custody battle over Julian. Chick was going to relocate to New York to co-parent the little boy. That’s where Gotham, in which both Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie star, is filmed. When Austin Chick learned Baccarin and McKenzie were both seeing each other and expecting a baby together, he refused to relocate, preferring instead to remain in L.A.

“Austin was totally shocked when he found out about the affair,” a source tells E! News. “Totally blindsided. When Morena left him for Ben, Austin was devastated — completely shocked.”

Morena Baccarin is unable to travel frequently between New York and L.A. because of both her pregnancy and work.


Do you think Austin Chick will eventually relent and move to New York so he can spend more time with their son? Or will he fight for Morena Baccarin to start making the trip more frequently after her baby is born?


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