Kate Gosselin Goes on Blind Date, “A Hug or a Handshake?”

Kate Gosselin says she’s not quite sure about dating, but in a clip from the upcoming Kate Plus 8 season premiere special, she heads out on a blind date.

“Since being divorced, I can’t even really say I’m in the world of dating because I don’t get it,” she says in the clip.

Despite her qualms, Kate Gosselin admits the blind date was rather successful.

“He piqued my interest,” she said.


The blind date found Kate Gosselin enjoying dinner in Manhattan, as well as a helicopter ride over the cityscape.

Her fears surfaced, however, when it was time to say goodnight. She admits to not knowing whether a hug or a handshake was more appropriate.

“What is the proper end of date goodnight? I don’t know,” she says.

It will be interesting during the coming season’s Kate Plus 8 specials on TLC, to learn if Kate Gosselin goes on any further dates–blind or otherwise–and to see the reaction of her eight children to the notion of her dating.

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets are now 11. Twins Mady and Cara are 15. They likely have very strong opinions–and maybe even some advice–for their mom.

Kate Gosselin was most recently linked to millionaire businessman Jeff Prescott, but that relationship–if it ever really was one–ended a couple of months ago.


Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin is living with his latest girlfriend, Colleen Conrad–and for once has one who seems to have her act together.

Do you think Kate Gosselin is ready to play the field? Or is she too busy with her TLC obligations and her eight children to even think of allowing a new man into her life?


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