Giada De Laurentiis: New Beau Shane Farley is Married Man

Giada De Laurentiis admitted earlier this week she is dating someone new. The new beau is TV producer Shane Farley–and not Bobby Flay–as many had suspected. What Giada didn’t share about her new man, however, is that he’s married.

Before you start calling Giada De Laurentiis a home wrecker–the way people did when they assumed she and Bobby Flay were an item–do note that Shane Farley is in the process of getting divorced.


E! News reported Giada met Shane Farley back in 2013, when he was supposed to produce a show for her and Bobby Flay. The two only started dating in August, however.

Giada De Laurentiis hinted while a guest on The Wendy Williams Show recently that there was someone new in her life, but she didn’t share his name at that time–once again propagating the notion of her hooking up with Bobby Flay.

Shane Farley reportedly relocated to L.A. after filing for divorce. He filed for divorce in March from personal trainer Jennifer Giamo.

A rep for Giada De Laurentiis tells Fox News, “Giada and Shane are indeed dating but did not start dating until this past August.” He added suggestions the two had been romantically involved earlier were “outright false.”


Now that it’s clear neither Giada De Laurentiis nor Shane Farley are home wreckers, perhaps people will lay off and allow the Food Network star and her new beau to enjoy a bit of peace–and maybe a little romance, too.


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