DoubleClick Active View Updates Announced

Google announced a couple of Active View-related updates for DoubleClick as part of the company’s efforts to help with the advertising industry’s viewability woes.

The first is the addition of Active View optimization to DoubleClick Bid Manager, which the company describes as a better way to programmatically buy viewable impressions. This is available to all clients globally.

“This new bid optimization feature uses the collective intelligence from many signals (e.g. URL, time of day, page category) to predict, impression by impression, the probability that it will be viewable,” Google says in a blog post. “It then dynamically adjusts bids higher or lower based on that probability to deliver the viewable CPM target that advertisers set for their video and display campaigns. Active View optimization delivers what advertisers actually care about – the total volume of viewable impressions – and doesn’t fixate on a viewable percentage.”

“This will help solve a common problem: when marketers buy viewable impressions programmatically using current viewability targeting, the decision to bid on a single impression is very basic,” it adds. “Buyers choose a target viewable percentage (e.g. 50%) and their programmatic buying system bids the same amount for any impressions with a likelihood of being viewed above that target – or nothing at all for impressions with a likelihood of being viewed below that target. This means that buyers are missing out on wide swaths of inventory that may actually be viewable and are driving up competition (and CPMs) for the inventory they are buying.”

Google also announced Active View for mobile apps in DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which the company says brings holistic viewability measurement to publishers.

Earlier this week, Google announced Payment ID support to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Image via DoubleClick


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