Bindi Irwin Wows Judges With Blindfolded Dance On “DWTS”

Bindi Irwin was beloved by just about everyone before she even started her time on Dancing With The Stars, in part because she was well known as the sweet daughter of Steve Irwin but also because of her continuation of his work with animals. Since she joined the show for its latest season, Bindi has continued to captivate the audience with every performance, and her latest was no exception.

Irwin took the stage with partner Derek Hough to perform a partially-blindfolded waltz, and the judges and fans were left speechless. Dressed in a sparkly violet gown, Bindi and Derek spun around the floor to “Roses And Violets” and earned a perfect score of 30.

Bindi told the judges after the performance that the dance was special to her, and that, perhaps more than anything else, is what keeps fans tuning in every week. Irwin makes each and every performance personal and often leaves the audience in tears.

“This dance has meant so much and it’s so beautiful … that I can’t stop shaking when I’m doing it,” she told the judges.

Given the obvious chemistry between Irwin and Hough, it’s easy to see why the two of them perform well each week. Bindi took to Instagram recently to thank her partner for always keeping her going.

“Even when I’m super tired he gives me strength and encourages me to keep trying my best and always believe. You’re the greatest big brother I could ever ask for,” she wrote.

Irwin and Hough teamed up later in this week’s episode with Mark Ballas and Alexa PenaVega for a performance to “All That Jazz” from Chicago, earning another flawless score from the judges and high praise from Hough’s sister Julianne.

“It’s not very often that I say this, but I wish I was in that number with you!”


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