DoubleClick Adds Payment IDs to Ad Exchange For All Buyers

Google’s DoubleClick announced that it is currently in the process of applying for TAG Registration and that its version of Payment IDs is available in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange to all buyers globally. This is an effort to support the adoption of Payment IDs across the ecosystem.

Last week, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) announced the Verified by TAG initiative. This is a two-part initiative, which includes Payment ID – aimed at preventing payments to fraudsters – and TAG Registry, which is to identify responsible ad providers. The registry is already available.

“The TAG Registry and upcoming Payment ID system will act like a ‘two-factor authentication’ for the digital ad supply chain,” said TAG CEO Mike Zaneis. “Through the TAG Registry, buyers will be able to ensure that they are working with trusted parties at every step of their campaigns, while the Payment ID system will ensure that payments only go to legitimate players, choking off the cash to criminals. These programs will serve as the cornerstone of TAG’s anti-fraud efforts by providing transparency across the digital ad ecosystem. Registration is now open, and it’s time for every company in digital advertising to get TAG’ed.”

In a post on DoubleClick’s blogs, Google writes:

Currently, if a programmatic buyer finds they’ve bought fraudulent inventory, there is no way to directly identify the supply source responsible for the fraud. The Payment ID system we proposed to the TAG Anti-Fraud working group fixes this problem by asking all supply sources (e.g. ad exchanges, ad networks, supply side platforms) of advertising inventory to create and provide unique and persistent anonymous identifiers that link every impression to who is paid in their accounting systems. If a buyer finds invalid activity from any source in their supply chain, these Payment IDs will help the buyer to identify who is responsible and blacklist those suppliers from their campaigns.

We’ve always invested heavily to keep DoubleClick Ad Exchange free of invalid activity and ensure that money spent on our platform only goes to support legitimate publishers, app developers, and content creators. To show our commitment to a better ads ecosystem, accelerate the adoption of Payment IDs, and help DSPs start integrating them, we’ve implemented the standard as it exists today, and we’ll continue to work closely with TAG and others in the industry to formalize an industry-wide Payment ID program. When the TAG Anti-Fraud Working Group has finalized the broader industry standard, we’ll happily make any changes to ensure we are compliant with TAG’s efforts.

Among those who have already vowed their support of Payment IDs are DoubleClick Bid Manager, Dstillery, Magnetic, MediaMath, Rocket Fuel, The Trade Desk. Integrations should come within a few months.

You can learn more about the Verified by TAG initiative and the Tag Registry in an announcement here.

Image via TAG (Facebook)


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