Uber Driver Sues Former Taco Bell Exec over Brutal Attack Gone Viral

The Uber driver that posted shocking video of a passenger attacking him over the weekend is now filing suit against his alleged attacker.

Edward Caban, who uploaded the video on October 30th, has filed a civil suit against 32-year-old Benjamin Golden

In a video, which has now been seen nearly two million times, an Uber driver repeatedly asks a passenger to give him directions, and the passenger can be heard slurring, burping, and generally being unable to give directions. At about two minutes into the video, the driver flips his dashcam around.

At about 2:30, the driver pulls into a parking lot and says “sorry man, I gotta kick you out.”

“You’re too drunk to give me directions,” he says.

The passenger argues with the driver for about a minute, but the driver says he’s already ended the trip and tells the passenger to get out of the car, or he’ll call the police.

At about 3:20, the passenger starts hitting the driver in the face. About 10 seconds into the attack, the driver is able to turn around and spray the passenger with pepper spray.

Check it out:

Shortly after the video picked up steam, the attacker was identified as a Taco Bell executive, a head of “mobile commerce and innovation initiatives”.

Taco Bell quickly distanced itself from Golden, terminating his position.

“Given the behavior of the individual, it is clear he can no longer work for us. We have also offered and encouraged him to seek professional help,” the fast food chain said in a statement.

After initially being charged with misdemeanor assault and public intoxication, Golden has since been hit with more charges – assault on public transportation property, battery on a public transit employee with injury, assault and battery. He could spend up to a year in jail and be forced to pay a $10,000 fine for his actions.


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