Patsy Ramsey: Nearly Two Decades After Murder of JonBenet, Many Still Believe Her Family Was Involved

Patsy Ramsey passed away in 2006, never having seen her daughter’s murderer come to justice.

The tragedy that happened on December 26th, 1996 shook John and Patsy Ramsey to their very core and resulted in the family, including their son, Burke, making move after move around the country to escape memories.

Some might say John and Patsy Ramsey were also running from suspicious minds.

While John and Patsy Ramsey were cleared of all charges in 2008 related to the murder of their daughter, the court of public opinion still held that the two of them, or even Burke, could have killed JonBenet.

Suspicion reached a fever pitch when the family’s housekeeper, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, came forward to insist that Patsy Ramsey killed her daughter.



A photo posted by JonBenet Ramsey (@jonbenet_support_group) on Apr 10, 2013 at 12:31pm PDT


She said, “At first, I didn’t want to believe that Patsy could do such a thing. I loved her. But as time went on, things came to me that made me think she did it.”

The housekeeper had some pretty interesting theories as to why she thought Patsy Ramsey was responsible.

For instance, a Swiss Army knife was found in the basement room where JonBenet’s body was found wrapped in a blanket.

Hoffman-Pugh said, “Only Patsy could have put that knife there. I took it away from Burke and hid it in a linen closet near JonBenet’s bedroom. An intruder never would have found it. Patsy would have found it getting out clean sheets.”

Another theory of hers rests with the blanket she was wrapped in. Hoffman-Pugh insists that it was in the dryer and only Patsy Ramsey would have known it was there.

John Ramsey remarried in 2011 and has moved on with his life, but he hopes one day that JonBenet’s killer will be found.

He even has an idea about how the killer will come to light.

He said, “I think we will have two ways that will happen: It will either be a DNA match or someone who knows something will become angry or bitter against this person and will tell.”

I guess only time will tell if the killer will be revealed or if it was John or Patsy Ramsey the whole time.

Do you think John or Patsy Ramsey could do such a thing to their daughter?


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