Kim Kardashian West Shares Sexy, Skinny Pic for Throwback Thursday

Kim Kardashian West is now eight months pregnant, and as with many pregnant women that far along, is likely not feeling very sexy these days.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a photo of herself during her sexier and much skinnier days.

“#TBT skinny dayz #imissu,” Kim Kardashian West captioned the photo she posted on Instagram.


Kim Kardashian West has commented on wanting her pre-pregnancy body back a few times during this pregnancy. About a week ago she shared a shot that featured her in the company of several rail-thin models.

“Feeling extra thin with all of the super models! LOL #InStyleAwards,” she captioned the photo.


The last month is almost always the hardest for pregnant moms. Those, like Kim Kardashian West, who are surrounded by thin sisters, must find it even harder to navigate those last few weeks of pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian West must take heed, however. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, a chef, and a nanny once the new baby arrives. While regular moms are struggling to simply take a shower, Kim Kardashian West will be well on her way to looking sexy and slim again.


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