Julianna Zobrist, Ben Zobrist Welcome Baby Girl With Special Kansas City Name

Julianna Zobrist, the wife of Kansas City Royals second baseman Ben Zobrist, gave birth to a baby girl on Friday. Had the Kansas City Royals not won the World Series, the Zobrist baby would have arrived less than 48 hours after a scheduled Game 7.

Ben Zobrist feared he would have to go out on paternity leave, abandoning his teammates during the World Series. Julianna Zobrist, however, confirmed her husband would stay as long as he was needed to see his team through.

When the Kansas City Royals beat the Mets during last Sunday’s Game 5 of the World Series, both Ben and Julianna Zobrist knew they were home free.

In honor of the World Series win, the Zobrists gave their daughter a very special name. The little girl–the third child born to Ben and Julianna Zobrist–is named Blaise Royal Zobrist.




Ben and Julianna Zobrist will never forget the excitement of the past week. Blaise Royal Zobrist will one day come to appreciate the very special name she was given.

Congratulations are surely making the rounds on behalf of all the Kansas City Royals to Ben and Julianna Zobrist.


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